ENDANGERED Global Online Launch 20 March 2021

Today we are launching “The Edge” by Kimberly Webber as a Dedicated Edition Archival Museum Print on Paper to benefit the world’s wild cheetahs cheetah.org  There are three sizes of prints to choose from; small, medium and large. 70% of all Dedicated Edition Print sales go directly to the Cheetah Conservation Fund to benefit the incredible work that Dr. Laurie Marker and her team are doing in Namibia. Even if you are not able to purchase a print, please donate directly to the Cheetah Conservation Fund to turn the tide on extinction and ensure that these magnificent beings survive and thrive for future generations. For more details about the ENDANGERED global campaign, the musicians from around the world and to purchase “The Edge” Dedicated Editions visit: endangered.global

The original painting “Trees” by K.C. Tebbutt is offered as part of the ENDANGERED Global project. Stay tuned for the release of the “Dedicated Edition” of “Trees” and the corresponding non-profit.

“The Edge” 53″ x 33″ rice paper, earth pigments, oil on panel by Kimberly Webber